Abstract and Summary rules

Please use MSWord to create your abstract. Please save as a file labeled with the presenting author’s name: last name, underscore, initials (example: Akhmedov_NK.doc). All margins should be – 2 cm. Font – Times New Roman, 12 pt, single spacing, justified alignment, paragraph indent – 1.25 cm. (Abstracts volume change by decreasing/increasing the indentation and/or line spacing is strictly prohibited). Indicate references by numbers in square brackets [1, 2, 3]. No more than 5 references are allowed.

For abstract submission it is obligatory to use the template. To download the template, click the link Abstract template.

Abstracts should be sent via the online form on the conference website Abstract Submissions.

It is necessary to put a summary before the abstract text. Please note that the summary should not exceed 500 characters (with spaces). Inclusion of tables, figures, references and sources of funding is not allowed.

If necessary, tables, figures and sources of funding may be included in the abstract. Figures must be black and white, image resolution at least 300 dpi and inserted directly into the document. Wrapping of figures by the text is NOT ALLOWED.

Abstracts should not exceed 2 full pages including abstract title, summary, figures, tables and references.

As a result of the conference, it is planned to publish the most significant materials in a special issue of “Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology” indexed in the international databases Web of Science (1st quartile, Q1) and Scopus. It is planned to publish reports in “Glass Physics and Chemistry” and “Journal of Inorganic Chemistry” indexed in the Web of Science databases (4th quartile, Q4), Scopus and Russian Science Citation Index.