Dear Colleagues!

Due to the spread of a new coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV) in the world, and the preventive measures taken in the Republic of Uzbekistan of spreading this infection, in order to preserve the health of the participants of the Sixth International Conference of the CIS Countries “Sol-gel synthesis and study of inorganic compounds, hybrid functional materials and dispersed systems", as well as expanding the International scale of the Conference, the organizing committee decided to postpone this event until the fall of 2021 - to normalize the epidemiological situation and the restoration of international academic mobility.

ssues of updating research in the field of sol-gel technology play an important role in the development of modern materials science, especially at present, when new areas of their practical application arise every year.

We considered various scenarios for the event, including an online conference, but in the end we came to the conclusion, that live communication cannot replace any other format, and that it would be more advisable to postpone the meeting until next year, in order to maintain and develop a single integrative international scientific and educational space, as well as for establishing contacts between future colleagues.

We are confident that future speakers, participants, and sponsors will understand the reasons for this decision and sincerely hope that all participants will be able to join us in 2021.

All current registrations and materials will remain fully valid for the new planned dates of the conference.

The architecture of the program and the key topics of the conference will be preserved, but will be refined taking into account the new realities in world science and industry.

The examination of applications submitted to the “SOL-GEL 2020” Conference will be completed by the end of July, after which the organizing committee will inform the participants about the results of the examination.

If you are unable to join our event in 2021 or would like to remove or withdraw your abstract, please contact us by mail info@solgel2020.uz until December 2020.

Information on the resumption of the preparation and holding of the Sixth International Conference of the CIS Countries in Samarkand “Sol-gel synthesis and research of inorganic compounds, hybrid functional materials and disperse systems” – “SOL-GEL 2020” will be additionally available on our website http://solgel2020.uz/.

Org. Committee of the Conference "SOL-GEL 2020"

"Sol-Gel-2020" covered the following sections

  • The theoretical aspects of sol-gel process
  • Sol-gel synthesis and research of nanoparticles
  • Sol-gel films, coatings and membranes
  • Hybrid inorganic and organic-inorganic materials
  • Xerogels, glass and bulk ceramic materials
  • Advanced sol-gel materials for environmental protection, agriculture and biomedicine applications
  • Technically valuable and innovative sol-gel materials and technologies